Vacancies to Live Here

We have a 1-bed housing-association house for rent. The rent is currently £109 per week (utility bills not included) and council tax is approximately £20 per week. The property has a small front garden and overlooks the open grassy triangle with a beautiful water feature at the heart of Threshold; it has one car park space in the communal car park.

All Thresholders share a large vegetable garden, two polytunnels and an orchard on the other side of the lane.

We are accepting applications during Sept/Oct time and anyone interested needs to visit at least twice during that time to get to know the community and how it runs. You will need to fill in an application form as soon as you know you are serious; and you will finally come for an interview around the end of October, after which the community will meet to make a decision.

As a self-managing project, we seek people who are happy to help with the general running of the community. In particular we would find it useful, but not essential, if you have any of the following skills:

Gardening, finance, maintenance, computing and administration skills, among others.

Would you like to come and contribute to our project?

Some of our members meditate regularly, some do yoga, and some do neither. We are also open to other forms of self-awareness and well-being.

If you feel you are interested then please contact us.

If you would like to visit Threshold with a view to joining the community, the ideal opportunities (in order to meet most members) are either at one of our scheduled events, or else at one of our regular Tuesday communal work mornings. For people travelling a distance we are happy to offer self-catering accommodation in our farmhouse by prior arrangement.

For further information about membership please read our information sheet here.

If you are interested in renting a room in our Farmhouse please read our information sheet here.

Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get updates when we have vacancies and news about the community. Also check this page regularly.

N.B. We have found that keeping a waiting list is not practicable, although we do keep a record of all applications and may contact people where appropriate.