Developing the site

We also needed to show that we intended ‘growing our own’ and initially, having only our ‘village green’ any likely spot was utilised. First of all, this was the raised area around the original septic tank and managed to support a few veggies.

The Green

The Green

Also, with the help of volunteers from the Czek Republic (Honza 1 and Honza 2) a bed was formed at the side of the farmhouse which we also used.

 The first job had been to cut down the whole row of Leylandii which stretched along the back of the ‘Heritage Wing’ (original holiday cottages).


Clearing the side of the farmhouse, with the beginning of a raised bed.


Honza 1 cleared the whole bank of brambles and weeds, then covered it with carpet, and finally laid the path behind the ‘Heritage Wing’.

We hoped we could perhaps plant on the bank separating us from our nearest neighbour, (see above pic), but although we did plant some potatoes, they did not thrive and the steepness of the bank and the rubble and clay that the bank was made of rendered further attempts unworkable.


Finally Peter led the creation of veg plots in front of Settebrook Barn which became amazingly productive in vegetables and flowers, with flower filled pots behind.

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