Permaculture at Threshold

Summary Information

Venue: The Threshold Centre, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5JQ

Date: Sat 20th July 2019

Time: 10 am - 5 pm

Cost: £50


The Threshold Centre is a land based cohousing community in North Dorset. Established in 2004, the centre has continuously followed permaculture principles and hosted a number of permaculture courses over the years. It acts as a demonstration and educational centre for community living in an ecologically sound way.

Two of the members of the community will host a morning of teaching and discussion and an afternoon of practical work and discussions on the Threshold Centre land. Peter Sherwood-Roberts has many years experience of teaching and implementing permaculture projects in Australia, Spain and the UK. Linda Philp has been at the Threshold Centre since its inception and has applied permaculture design and implementation techniques at the centre and assisted with other courses at Threshold.

We will explore how nature works and how the permaculture design principles can be applied to the land, to community and to well-being, and how this has evolved at the centre over the years.

This is a one day course, however participants are welcome to stay at the centre in our farmhouse guest accommodation.